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Basement Problems




Basement Leaks

Seepage can get into a home in a variety of ways. It can get in through the cove joint (where the wall and floor meet), over the top of the foundation when there is a lawn grading problem, through wall or floor cracks, up through a clogged floor drain, through a weak basement window seal, or the moisture could be present because of a plumbing-related problem. Regardless of how it is getting into your home, it is an issue that must be dealt with immediately before it leads to even more serious damage that may be expensive to repair.

Warning Signs of a Problem

  • Water can be seen trickling down walls
  • Puddles of water are on the floor
  • Personal belongings are damaged by seepage on the underside
  • Water stains can be seen throughout the basement
  • Home smells musty or foul (indication of mold growth)
  • Certain areas on the first floor of the home don’t feel level anymore (indication of wood damage and rot)

QuikFlo Basement Drainage System

Waterproofing Systems

When it comes to taking care of the problem, our team makes use of Richtech® Industry’s products and solutions. They provide us with well-engineered and crafted high-quality drainage systems, sump pumps, dehumidifiers, and more. We will develop the perfect customized solution to your home’s seepage problems and prevent the issue from happening again. We can also take care of any damage that has already been done by repairing or replacing damaged floorboards, beams, joists, and so on.


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Pitboss Sump Pumps

Learn more about the sumps pumps we use by clicking an image below to view the brochure.

We provide installations and replacements of sump pumps to western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. Click here to view a list of cities that we service.