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Foundation Problems



Bowed Walls

Foundation Settlement

Foundation settlement is a common structural problem seen in homes of all ages, sizes, and styles. Poor soil conditions around the property is the main cause. When a home is being built, a hole is dug into the earth, and it is made slightly larger than what the actual foundation will be so that workers have space to move equipment around. Once the home is finished, backfill soil is added into place around the base. If it isn’t filled correctly or compacted, there will be gaps and voids, which is not good news when it rains. Moisture will make the earth incredibly soggy, and the base of your home will no longer be able to support its weight. This can cause sinking. Additionally, the problem can be caused by poor building materials or vegetation growth in the soil – i.e. when tree roots grow under the home and create voids.

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Warning Signs of a Problem

  • Windows and doors feel stuck and don’t open or close like normal
  • Interior and exterior cracks form
  • Chimney can be seen tilting or leaning away from the home
  • Walls are bowing into the basement
  • Certain spots on the first floor of the home no longer feel level
  • Noticeable sinking can be seen on one or more sides of the exterior walls


To take care of the problem, our trained and experienced team will make use of a product known as a foundation pier. There are helical and push piers available for installation. The ones we use are designed and manufactured by Grip-Tite®, one of the industry’s most well-known and respected manufacturers.

The piers are installed deep within the earth in stable soil. Their main role will be to transfer the weight of the home off of the failing and weakened base and then place it on themselves. This can prevent additional settlement, and it can also help to lift the home back into the position where it needs to be.

Advantages of Grip-Tite® Products

  • All-weather installation
  • Minimal excavation required
  • Cost-effective alternative to wall replacement
  • Vibration-free installation (unlike driven piles)
  • Quick, permanent solution