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Interior Basement Waterproofing

When it comes to basement waterproofing, America’s Basement Contractor meets the needs of our customers with high construction standards and quality interior and exterior footer drain systems.

Are your block walls saturated? This is a great example of what we find when water is released from the cores of block walls during interior waterproofing. The video shows weep holes being drilled just above an exposed footer and the channel where our crew is installing Quick-Flo Non Clogging Heavy Duty Footer Drains.

Superior quality interior heavy duty footer drains finished with concrete feathered into your existing cement slab are often a perfect solution when rain, snow melt, and hydrostatic pressure create unbearable conditions like excessive dampness or flooding.

What could be lurking behind the drywall in your finished basement when foundation moisture issues are left unresolved?

A beautifully finished basement can hide mold and moisture. We removed the drywall and baseboards, killed the mold, sprayed the studs and walls with Enviroshield, and installed an interior footer drainage system.

This partially finished basement was demolished to remove the moldy wood paneling. We treated the mold, installed an interior footer drain system with two sump pumps, and added DuraWall panels for a new clean, low-maintenance finish.

Exterior Drainage & Foundation Waterproofing

Due to heavy spring rains, we have been busy with exterior drainage projects for our customers. For this project, we installed four inch PVC piping, gravel, and Carlisle MiraDrain® to stop water from entering the foundation.

Commercial Waterproofing

This commercial structure is currently undergoing a rehabilitation and renovation.

We installed a heavy-duty interior footer drainage system by tunneling under eight walls to collect and redirect the water to two sump pumps.

Foundation Repair

We replaced this failing foundation by raising up the entire structure, removing the deteriorated existing foundation and replacing it with custom built 18″ round caisson’s. Since this structure is located on a seasonal river flood area so the caissons allow the seasonal water to flow without any disruption to the integrity of the cottage shown.

Crawl Space Environment Control

We stabilized this foundation with post jacks and carbon fiber strips. One section of cement blocks moved during the freeze/thaw cycle and were repaired. The high water table from a nearly lake keeps the crawl space moisture levels high. White Cap vapor barrier was used to cover the ground and walls.

New Construction Foundation Stabilization

We were contracted to assist with a new commercial foundation near Pittsburgh. Our amazing crew drove 50 helical piers to stabilize the new concrete slab for a strong, stable foundation.